13th of March 2016: New rules apply to the auctions !

Starting from 13th March 2016 we no longer can combine 2 auctions behind aechother in shipping. After an auction is finished you will need to pay it and have it shipped. We will from now on only have 1 auction every month.
Please be aware of that and in case you cannot accept this please do not take part in the auction.

23rd of february 2016

Unfortunately STC had to say goodbye to our two employees. As a result of a loss of commercial flower production material orders we could no longer be assisted by our two employees and had to say goodbye after the many many years of fine co-operation within STC.

We are more than thankful to Francien (who leaves us at the end of february 2016) and Alphonisna (who leaves us at the end of march 2016) for all their great work and contribution to what STC stands for. 
Robert Wellens & Teresa Sierra  

Update export Russia (Moskou)

Please contact

They might be able to deliver our plants to Moskou but please contact them before ordering or ask us information.

1 st of january of 2016

We probably will re-open on January 10th.
We will inform newsletter subscribers by newsletter.

August 16th 2015
We would like to inform you that STC will be totally closed between monday 7th September and monday 14th September. Our webshop will be closed.

In the previous years we could open prior and during the ELK and receive some visitors who could combine their ELK-visit with a visit to our greenhouse, however, this year this will be impossible unfortunately.
We are sorry for that but the closure could not be avoided.

We hope to serve you after we opened back our webshop on the 14th of September and work towards a new auction shortly after that.


16 february 2015

Despite the information in the latest Haworthiad (February 2015) STC won't be able to attend this years Haworthiad convention in October 2015. !
This was already informed to the organizers on the 20th of January but probably too late to correct in the February magazine of Haworthiad.

January 2015.

Unfortunately we can currently (spring & summer & ... 2015) receive no visitors to STC as we are completely filled with work, building a house for which the greenhouse is turned partly into a storage for building material. We are not sure when we can receive some individual visitors again but we will update this here on the news page.

Thank you for your understanding !

November 2014.

Final notification for requests made for EMS shipping;


We do no longer respond on requests for EMS shipping as this is clearly written in our terms & conditions and FAQs.


Thank you !


STC opening days/hours prior and (partly) during ELK Blankenberge 2014

Prior and during part of the ELK 2014, the famous succulent show in Blankenberge, Belgium, STC gives those interested the possibility to visit us.

By APPOINTMENT only we will be able to receive visitors on Thursday 11 september, Friday 12 september and Saturday 13 september strictly between 9.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. On Sunday 14th september we are closed and cannot receive any visitors. In case you did NOT make an appointment or did NOT informe us of your visit we can unfortunately not allow you access to our nursery !
Please write us an email prior to your visit indicating the date and appr. time of your visit and -if possible- with how many people you intend to come. We will be happy to receive you on any of these days with free coffee and /or tea. In case you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us by email at
If you need information on how to find us you can also write us an email as well if you need information on accomodation (hotels nearby).
Looking forward to your visit !

December 31th 2013
We have changed and updated our shipping methods with more options.
Please read our newsletters and instructions under terms !!

Closure of STC during Christmas holidays.
Between december 23 and January 5 - 2014 STC is closed.
Orders can still be made but will only be handled after that time.
At the same moment we are currently working on an new update of shipping methods, different shipping options at some lower prices.
Please follow our updates the coming weeks.
It might be wise to postpone your order if you prefere a cheaper (Postal) shipment, specially within the EU, but remind that it also might have implications on transit durations and Insurance policy. More and cheaper shipment options will be offered BUT it also means we cannot guarantee any transit period if these options are choosen. We will clearify this all in our terms and conditions.

Due to our travel preparations we cannot handle orders in the period between 24th October and 5th November. Orders can still be made by the webshop but will only be handled after 5th November.


Big Bazaar ISIJ Show, Tokyo, Japan.

We are very pleased to announce that STC will take part at the famous great bazaar plant show & sales, organized by the ISIJ in Tokyo, Japan.
The show is held on November 3rd at the TOC Building near Gotanda station, Shinagawaku, Tokyo. More information (in Japanese) can be found at:
We look very much forward to meet our Japanese customers and other Asian customers on this great show.


Rock Garden plant: Lecanophora subacaule

Extremely rare Alpine plant, Lecanophora subacaule (Patagonia Argentina-Chile),  succesfully being propagated by STC from a miniscule tiny piece of stem tissue.
Soon we will update this information with some pictures !



Haworthia Convention 2013

We are very happy to be present on the upcoming Haworthia Society Convention on 18 - 20 October in Leicester, United Kingdom.

This biennial great event combines a warm atmosphere with excellent lectures and great plant sales among enthusiastic plant lovers. STC will be able to offer the participants its wide and extensive range of plants, including most rare haworthia's, aloŽ's and gasteria's. Robert Wellens will give 2 talks on the latett updates and achievemnts  of all in vitro work (Chortolirion and others) and show a short STC introduction movie combined with some of the collection plants from which the many sales plants are made.

Members of the Haworthia Society do get a 10% discount on their purchases as well as the Society gets another 10% donation of sales made under transfer of members' voucher (if still in possession) which was issued in the first issue of the journal Haworthiad this year.

More information on this great event can be found at:  

It is also possible to already now reserve your purchase/order in our webshop and collect it at the convention. Please send us an email if you want to do this or make a webshop order and of course we won't charge you any shipping costs.

Finally we would like to point you on our variegates; we will bring a very nice selection of variegated plants for sale at a fixed price. Also plants that attendees won in our auctions can be brought with us to the convention.

In case you have any questions, please contact us by email at:

4 - 8 September Open Days at STC

Like last year we invite interested people to visit us during the period of 4 - 8 september on our location in Sint-Maartensdijk,  The Netherlands. During the weekend of 6-7-8 september there is also the famous ELK at Blankenberge (Belgium) which is not far away from us (roughly 1,5 hour by car) and you might be interested in visiting our sales greenhouse prior or during that event.
If you are interested we only ask you to send us a short email to inform us what day & time you plan to come by. Please send your email to   Coffee and tea will be standing ready (for free) and we will be pleased to also inform and show you how the proces of tissue culture in succulents work.
In case you need additional information about how to find our location or information for a hotel nearby please contact us.

We are very much looking forward to your visit !


July 14th 2013
Between July 17th and July 30th STC will not be able to ship any orders.
Please be aware of that. You can place orders but they will only be handled and shipped (if paid) after July 30th.
Thank you for your understanding.


July 1st 2013

As per today Croatia is part of the EU and as a result of that no fytosanitary papers are necessary anymore for export of our plants to Croatia.


June 27th 2013

Due to a Postal strike (Post NL, parcel service) shipment and delivery of parcels sent with Post NL might encounter strong delays. Post NL has informed us they do not accept any claims whatsoever which are related to this strike.
If possible, we ship as much as we can with FedEx courier, although in some circumstances this cannot be done and we have to rely on the Post.


February 17th 2013.

Due to the fact that we are moving house in the period between 1 march and 1 may 2013 it might be difficult to visit us in that period as we will have little time to receive visitors. We hope for your understanding.



5th Augustus 2012

We are pleased to announce STC will be present on the BCSS National Show in Godmanchester, United Kingdom, on 18th August 2012. We will have a limited space of about 13 tables (unfortunately much less then the previous show), so we won't be able to bring the whole range of plants we produce. therefore it can be wise to pre-order your plants in order not to be disappointed if we don't bring these standard with us.
For those customers who would like to make an order which we can bring with us, please note that this can be done UNTILL saturday 11 August due to show and travel preparations. So please send in your weborders which you want us to bring for you before that date.

Beside that, any other weborders made after 11th August will only be handled after 20th August. So please keep in mind that any other orders made after 11th of August can only be handled and shipped after 20th August.

7th June 2012

We would like to inform our customers that between june 13th and june 19th  STC will be closed and orders will not be handled in that time. You can place your shop-orders, but we will only handle them after 19th of june.
Thank you for your understanding.


2nd May 2012: Forthcoming exhibitions and shows in 2012

We are pleased to announce that STC will take part in 2 shows in the summer in 2012; first the Polish Succulent Society helds a show in Warsaw on 16 and 17th june were STC will take part with a range of our plants. We look forward to meet all our Polish customers at this great event.
Then on august 18th 2012 we will take part in the National Show of the BCSS, in England with a great range of our plants.
We look forward to meet all those interested in one of these occasions.

Finally we will open our doors of our sales greenhouse prior, during and after the ELK-Blankenberge is held. In 2012 the ELK will be held on 7-8-9 september and as STC is not far from that we welcome all interested visitors to our place in Sint-Maartensdijk, Netherlands. By car it is just over an hour driving from Blankenberge to us. We will be happy to see you on any of the dates between 6 to 10 september at our greenhouse after a short notification that you are planning to come. Please note that we won't be at the ELK  ourselves !!

You will be able to see our total range of plants (in contrast to the small selection we used to show at the ELK) and have a free cup of coffee or tea. If you intend to come, please inform us with an email.

We look forward to meet you on any of the above occasions in the summer of 2012.


28th October 2011 Postage rates

Starting from 1st of january STC will have to make adaptations at the postage rates; all the sources we use have increased their prices substantially over the last 3 or 4 years, were STC has kept all the time the rates the same. However, at this stage we are loosing a lot of money as most shipments have become much more expensive then we charge.
The new pricing system will mean that small orders will pay the basic (smaller higher) amount then previously, the large order will pay relatively less then now.  We also might differentiate between the several EU-countries; we have now a general EU-price, however shipping to -for instance Malta, Greece or Portugal is much much more expensive then to Belgium, France or Germany; so we investigate a more fair system in which the customer pays the postage fee according to where he/she lives. The new rates will be published on our webshop under terms once they are know.




We are pleased to announce that STC will be present on the 11th Haworthia Society Convention Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd October 2011 in Leicester, United Kingdom, with a very nice selection of supreme, rare Haworthias and Aloes for sale.
All participants that do make a booking now will also receive a gift-voucher in the value of euro 15,= to be spend during this convention (not transferable and non refundable in cash).
Robert Wellens will give 3 lectures during this 11th convention, which celebrates 25 years of the Haworthia Society; 1 lecture about the in vitro cultivation of rare Haworthia's, 1 on the in vitro culture of rare Aloe's and one follow-up lecture on the induction of variegation into Haworthia and Aloe.
We kindly invite you to take part in this wonderful event; more details can be obtained through Stirling Baker ( or on the website


STC has been busy the last few days to sort out the fyto issue with the USA and there is a big chance that the Dutch Agric. Inspection Authorities are willing to standard add the sentence concerning Potato Cyst Nematode free shipments.
So the decision we had to make 3 days ago (see below) might soon be changed into again possible export to the USA. If your are in the USA and want to order plants, please contact us before actually ordering and paying; we might get the approval soon of changing the fyto text according to APHIS laws.


STC has decided to stop export to the USA for this moment. Due to absurd conflicts with USDA offices cliaming fytosanitary certificates are wrong or incomplete, there is a huge delay and therefore decreasing of plant quality. We are truly sorry for our USA customers but we (temporarily) will stop any official export of our material to the USA.


Please note that STC is closed for any visitors between august 29th until september 26th for all visitors. During that time we are preparing for several exhibitions in Europe and unfortunately we cannot receive any visitors during this period.

Thanks for your understanding

STC Team


JULY 4th 2011

Please note that between july 4th and july 13th we cannot handle any webshop or email orders because we are present at the Malaga Plant Show in Benalmadena, Spain. You can still send in your orders but processing will only take place after july 13th. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to see our Spanish clients in Benalmadena upcoming weekend !

JUNE 2nd, 2011

Please note that STC is closed between 9 june and 21 june 2011 !
Any orders or emails that come in during this period will only be handled after june 21.
Sorry, but we cannot receive any visitors during this period.
STC Team


APRIL 7, 2011

Please note that STC is closed between monday 11th April 2011 and wednesday 20th April 2011. Orders can be placed by the webshop but will only be handled after april 20th.
STC Team

January 17th  2011

We are happy to announce that from now on STC has a few selected variegated plants for sale at a fixed price in our greenhouse for those customers who visit us after having made an appointment.
It is very important to know we like to receive our valued customers but only by appointment as we are dealing with laboratory work as well and we wish to give you all the time you need to look around.
In case you come, any group or coach is welcome, you will be able to see and buy our range of selected variegates at a fixed price (no reductions and no wholesale) in all price categories. This service has been asked to us many many times and we hope therefore to meet the demands of our valued visitors.

For making appointments, please send us an email but be aware of the fact that during february-may 2011 we already have booked full a lot of dates and that we are closed between 11 and 19 april 2011.

January 16th 2011

It is a pleasure to announce specially our Spanish customers that we will participate in the Cactus and Succulent event in Cheste (Spain) on 15-17 april 2011. We will bring a very small selection of plants, probably bare rooted as we travel by plane. During this show - from 12 to 19 april 2011-  the STC greenhouses will be closed and no appointments can be made for visitors.

Concerning those people that have subscribed for the newsletter; many of the newly subscribers have NOT yet activated their subscription  by clicking on the link in the email they get after subscribing. This means you WON'T get the newsletter as we are not allowed by law to send newsletters to those who have not finished subscribing for it as by Dutch law this means sending SPAM.
In case you want to receive our newsletter, please activate it by clicking on the link in the email you receive after subscribing (and don't forget to put our emailaddress on the white list of spam).


July 29th 2010 IMPORTANT NEWS.

From 9 august 2010 until 17 september 2010 STC is closed for any visitors!
This is due to internal arrangements and prepairing activities for shows.
Please be aware of the fact that between these days we cannot receive any visitors, not in the lab and not in the greenhouse.
Any appointment has to be made prior or after this period.
Orders through the webshop can still be made during this period!

We thank you for your understanding.

Secondly we would like to ask all customers/people who have sent us an email in the last few days (july 28-29) to re-send their emails when they do not get a reply from us because due to a huge spam overloading activity many emails were spammed and deleted. So in the case you contacted us by email and did not get a reply, please re-send your email.
We do excuse for any inconvenience caused and are working on handling to huge flow of spam.

Thank you.



April 26th 2010 Short closure of STC

Between april 28 and may 8th STC is partially closed; orders can still be made but handling of them will take a little longer as usual. Visits during this period are not possible.

Thanks for your understanding.



November 26th 2009

To our customers in Switzerland;
We can ship you plants without fytosanitary certificate now from all non-CITES plants. Please check at to see the current list of all app. CITES I, II and III. It includes Euphorbias, Aloes and Cactaceae which we still only can send to Switzerland with a fyto. All other non-CITES plants, like Haworthias, can be shipped without it.


September 24 th 2009 Closure of STC during week 40

We inform you that starting from today friday 24th of September until monday 5th October STC will be closed. All orders made during the last few days and within the next week (week 40) will be handled in week 41 after Monday October 5th.
We hope for your understanding.

August 18th 2009

Today we started our 2nd august special and variegate plant auction which will end on august 29th 2009 at 12.00 hours Dutch European Continental Time.
Feel free to browse through the auction page and if you decide to join we wish you good luck with bidding.
Note that account holder can set a hidden bid when logged-in.

July 29th 2009

Today we started our next special variegated plant auction which ends on august 8th at 12.00 hours Dutch Continental EU Time.

July 4th 2009

Today the new july auction will start. It will end on saturday 11th july at 12.00 hours Ducth Continental summer time.

May 21 st 2009

Our last auction ended last saturday and we are pleased to announce that we will start our next one in a few days, whit and ending date on MAY 30 at 12.00 Dutch Continental Time.
Please note that people who subscribed for the newsletter will receive soem previews of the highlight plants soon.

March 9th 2009

We started the next auction last saturday and it will finish on March 21st at around 12.00 hours Dutch Continental Time. We wish you all good luck with bidding; account holders can place their hidden bids as usual.

We do ask people when they sign in for the newsletter to click on the link in the email they receive after subscribing; it seems some clients don't activate the subscription.
It could also be that due to spam the email that they should receive after subscribing is blocked as spam, so be sure to let these emails come in and click on the link to verify your subscription.
We have just sent our first newsletter; in case you believe you subscribed for it and didn't receive it, please activate your subscription -or- in case you did not get the email try to subscribe again and don't forget to verify your subscription.

February 4th 2009

Today we started registration of our newsletter. You will find a sign in form on the left side of our webpage.
STC will regularly send newsletters with all sorts of interesting information about its products, news etc.
Please feel free to subscribe to the newsletter.

February 2nd 2009

Today on february 2nd we started our whole sale auction.
This time we auction large amount of some of our plants, specially for the re-sale growers although also private people can join the auction of course.
Please note all the conditions that apply when you place a bid; account holders can again place a hidden bid.
The auction ends on Saturday february 14 at 12.00 Dutch Continental time.

Good luck with bidding !!

January 24th 2009

Rooting powder.

STC received official status from the Dutch Authorities for experimental use of the unique rooting powder for succulents that we developped.
See for some results (pictures) below in this news section.
In some cases STC is able to provide test samples of this powder for testing under controlled conditions and not being used as a commercial product.
In the case we come to an agreement for testing purposes you will receive a copy of our authorized permit to carry out tests, including safety instructions.
In case you are interested in testing out our powder please contact us by filling in the contact form on the contact page.
We will then contact you and discuss possibillities.

January 7th 2009

STC is working on an electronical newsletter that all interested people can receive and subscribe for. Very soon we will launch on our webpage the possibillity to sign in for this newsletter.
Please note that also already clients with an account need to subscribe separately for receiving this newsletter, because by Dutch law we are not entiteled to just add your email addresses because of the SPAM-law.
Receiving the newsletter is free for everybody and will inform you about the latest updates, new projects and plants and new dates when auctions are being held.

December 10th 2008

Our new plant auction is online with the option for account-holders to place a hidden bid.
The auction will end december 20th at around 12.00 hours European continental time.

July 5th 2008

STC has finally moved to its new location; krommeweg 3, 4695 SC  Sint-Maartensdijk!

Please note we NO LONGER are located in Steenbergen