21st of November 2022

Due to unforeseen medical emergencies (eyestroke etc.) and the selling of our company there is some delay in packing and shipping the latest orders and auction plants. We do all that we can currently to pack and ship open orders but we ask from our customers some patience due to these unforeseen (medical) circumstances. Once we post your plants of course we will update you with the track code directly!
We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause but it is simply out of our control. Mrs. Wellens who does the packing has extremely serious eye-problems (she can currently hardly see) which makes the work much more difficult.
Thank you in advance and we apologize for the delays.

STC Team

26th of December 2020: Fyto needed for the UK !!

Please note all shipments to the United Kingdom needs to be accompanied with a fyto certificate starting on 1-1-2021 due to the Brexit. A fytosanitary certificate costs euro 75 per shipment. Postal shipments are again possible next to FedEx.
Other arrangements for control nside the UK the customer has to make themselves. Please arrange your import permits and declaring of importing plants on time.

13th of March 2016: New rules apply to the auctions !

Starting from 13th March 2016 we no longer can combine 2 auctions behind eachother in shipping. After an auction is finished you will need to pay it and have it shipped. We will from now on only have  appr. 1 auction every month/6 weeks.
Please be aware of that and in case you cannot accept this please do not take part in the auction.

Update export Russia (Moskou)

Please contact

They might be able to deliver our plants to Moskou but please contact them before ordering or ask us information.

1 st of january of 2016

We probably will re-open on January 10th.
We will inform newsletter subscribers by newsletter.

August 16th 2015

In the previous years we could open prior and during the ELK and receive some visitors who could combine their ELK-visit with a visit to our greenhouse, however.
We are sorry for that but the closure could not be avoided.

We hope to serve you after we opened back our webshop on the 14th of September and work towards a new auction shortly after that.


January 2015.

Unfortunately we can no longer receive  visitors to STC as we are completely filled with work, building a house for which the greenhouse is turned partly into a storage for building material.